Can I Buy Ivermectin Online?

You can purchase Ivermectin in these pharmacies at any time you like, using the usual ordering procedure or by phone during business hours. Regular customers can get a discount card that will save you money significantly. And prices will certainly please you if you compare them with other online pharmacies.

Express Pharmacy – Professional Pharmacy Services
Address: 301 W Patrick St, Frederick, MD 21701, United States | Phone: (240) 815-6229 | Website:

I have been waiting six months to get Ivermectin from Express Pharmacy – Professional Pharmacy Services. I called Chirag (The Pharmacist at Max Discount). He had them in stock, and the expiration dates were over a year before expiring. They were super friendly, which I don’t encounter much at Express Pharmacy – Professional Pharmacy Services. It looks like Chirag will have a new customer regularly. I’m glad I found them.

Finally have had enough of dealing with their pharmacy and moving onto another location nearby. Every mistake you can make, they have made it. They’ve had to file reports with regulatory for actually filling the wrong medicines. Above all, the staff at this pharmacy is insulting and indifferent. Consistently. Add that to the numerous mistakes they’ve made, and it’s time for a change. It’s a shame because practically all other stores and merchants within my neighborhood are friendly and very accommodating.

Masters Specialty Pharmacy
Address: 1100 W Patrick St, Frederick, MD 21703, United States | Phone: (240) 651-5966 | Website:

Best pharmacy in the area. Always super friendly and very fast. I took in some prescriptions shortly before they closed, and instead of telling me they couldn’t fill them that day, they told me they could do it in 10 minutes. How awesome is that?

I switched to Masters Specialty Pharmacy to save a couple of bucks on Ivermectin. Biggest mistake of my life. I just had back surgery, and I called to double-check my prescriptions were ready. The lady on the phone said yes, but I had to be there by 9. When I arrived, they had two of the four. The doctor gave me a ten-day supply of Ivermectin which they could not fill. They stated they could only give me 5. Then I would have to call back to my doctor to order another 5. I told him I just had back surgery and really can’t be driving 20 min there and 20 mins back home each time just for five pills. He stated it was their policy. I wished they could have just told me that over the phone before driving 20 min there and 20 min back home. They said they didn’t realize that until I hung up, and they wanted to call me but just forgot. As far as the other meds, I saved 2 dollars only, and the other medicine was out of stock until 2 to 3 days from then.

Wegmans Pharmacy
Address: 7830 Wormans Mill Rd, Frederick, MD 21701, United States | Phone: (240) 575-7345 | Website:

Picked them to help support a local, black-owned, small business. My first prescription was during the mess of the historic winter storm, and they went above and beyond to make sure my mom got her Ivermectin despite mail not being delivered and no one in the area having stock of what we needed. I know none of the usual chain store pharmacies would have done even half of what they did to take care of us. Highly recommend them!

Absolutely terrible treatment of customers – NOT just at this location either- treatment at Wegmans Pharmacy. My little brother needed to be covid tested to get on a flight back home. Each person he spoke to gave him attitude over every little thing. He told the woman working the covid testing portable that he was sorry for any confusion, and she had the nerve to respond with: “Yeah, I bet you’re sorry” The only person with any modicum of decency was the polite woman working the pharmacy drive-thru. She is the reason for the single star.

Weis Pharmacy
Address: 448 Prospect Blvd, Frederick, MD 21701, United States | Phone: (301) 663-9111 | Website:

Just picked up my first subscription on Stromectol from Weis Pharmacy and was totally blown away with politeness and welcomed. This was an awesome experience, and I will now shop for my groceries there likewise. This is what customer service is all about. Thanks, Weis Pharmacy.

I will never shop at Weis Pharmacy again after coming to this location. I had an employee that was an older gentleman and possibly a manager, judging by his attire, who absolutely refused to ring me up. He kept insisting that I use self-checkout after I told him I did not wish to use self-checkout. So I wound up leaving my items on the counter and walked out. If you don’t want to do your job, stay at home or find another one.

Can I Buy Ivermectin Online?
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