Products for men for boring sex: the crucial mistakes

Partners, who often try very hard to be good lovers, spend a lot of time learning new products for men, and in practice get boring sex. It is not enough to meet physiological needs to enjoy intimacy, according to psychiatrist and sexologist from our internet drugstore Steven Snyder.

“Usually, the techniques are aimed at giving something, and your sexual ego has no idea about the principle of “give” at all. Have you seen a mother admiring the small foot of her newborn baby? From this admiring, she gets absolutely personal, selfish pleasure, but the child, who is admired, grows confident that the universe is happy from the fact that it exists.

Sexual pleasure has the same selfish element. Kiss and touch your partner not because it might be nice to them, but because it’s nice to you,” Snyder said. Sexual selfishness gives a greater sense of intimacy than sexual generosity, the psychiatrist believes. If you enjoy your partner and purchase ED generics on pharmacy website ( to take responsibility for your own arousal, he can do the same. “At the same time, I am not saying that all forms of sexual selfishness are suitable – we are talking about a deep connection, about the proximity of two people.

Do not think that to concentrate high-quality drugs during sex on your feelings is bad. Simply writing an article in the spirit of “10 tricks in bed that will drive him crazy” is much easier than explaining to people the need to be aware of their own feelings,” the sexologist added.

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