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We decided to use Kroger Pharmacy when we moved here this year. We (obviously) expected some issues but never thought that the Kroger employees (especially the pharmacy staff) would be as dedicated, thorough, and willing to problem solve so that Modafinil that we ordered online was delivered on time! Sometimes they get backed up, and lately, there was a new software put in place that had some hiccups, but never once has anyone on their team said ‘we can’t, we won’t, or I don’t know. Instead, it is ‘let me see what I can do.’ Even if, in the end, the answer is not what I wanted to hear, they still try. They are AMAZING! Thank you, thank you, Kroger staff (especially the pharmacy), for such great service!!!

Whitesell’s Pharmacy
Address: 236 N Market St, Frederick, MD 21701, United States
Phone: (301) 662-4848

Good customer service but very inconvenient to come to the place for they lack parking and it is hard no park at the streets, and if you find a parking spot is far and hard to walk to the pharmacy and the location is not easy to find.

Don’t use this Whitesell’s Pharmacy. I appreciate worker shortages. However, this pharmacy does not answer their phone – period. They do have voice mail, but they don’t return your calls. I had a person accidentally “answer” a call (they clicked in) but then immediately disconnected before I could say a word. Apparently, the noise of the ring annoyed them. Prescriptions take two to three days to fill. Their outside drive-thru pickup window is closed. You have to go into the store. I went into the store to pick up Modafinil one day. There were at least four employees working, more than pre-pandemic. Still, the prescription was not ready despite having been there for over a day. I explained I had tried to call, but no one answered. The attitude I was met with was not rude but incredulous that I would expect my prescription to be filled a mere 30 hours after it had been faxed over. They did then begin to work on my prescription. Forget trying to schedule a shot. They used to be good.

Address: 190 Thomas Johnson Dr #3, Frederick, MD 21702, United States
Phone: (240) 422-8433

Janet was super helpful, and the whole staff was extremely nice. She has positive energy and excellent customer service. Definitely recommend this place! Janet was really sweet, handled my phone call, and answered all my questions.

I’ve been using FREDERICK COMMUNITY PHARMACY. for years and never really had anything to say about it. Last night my boyfriend felt really bad, and I drove him into the ER. Got home around 4-4:30 am and in bed by 5 am. I woke up today and immediately went to our FREDERICK COMMUNITY PHARMACY to pick up his Provigil with a paper prescription he got from the ER. I was told that because there was nothing on his profile, they wouldn’t fill the prescription until tomorrow. No explanation as to why it was offered. We called the ER, and they said they didn’t need to call the pharmacy to get the prescription filled and that the paper copy should suffice. I ended up taking my business elsewhere, where it was filled in less than 20 minutes with a friendlier pharmacist. I don’t know what was going on with this location, whether or not their staff was untrained or they had some sort of overflow of prescriptions to fill, but I was very upset with the fact they didn’t explain to me why it would be pushed back a whole day and had the audacity to ask me if that was okay. I will be happy to never return, as I have found a much better pharmacy in town.

Hillcrest Pharmacy & Compounding
Address: 1080 W Patrick St #10, Frederick, MD 21703, United States
Phone: (240) 608-2006

Now, this is what you call amazing customer service! I was able to get my Modafinil prescription filled quickly and hassle-free. Hillcrest Pharmacy & Compounding staff was very patient and answered all my questions thoroughly. I will definitely come back!

On 05/24/2021, the associate named Teresa at the customer service center was very rude, extremely disrespectful, and needs to be retrained at her job. I asked her if she was this disrespectful to everyone she said no. Did I say so it’s just me then? She smiled and said, have a nice day. Well, Teresa, I did have a nice day, and I hope you can let go of all your hatred and anger towards people who don’t wear a mask. People forget that when you disrespect someone, they remember you for that disrespect.

Giant Eagle Pharmacy
Address: 1275 W Patrick St, Frederick, MD 21702, United States
Phone: (301) 668-8716

I had such a great experience working with Dr. Asher and the rest of the Giant Eagle Pharmacy staff! They all are great people and go the extra mile for their patients. Dr. Asher is such an enthusiastic and positive person. You can really tell he loves his job and his patients. The staff is all super nice and amazing! I can’t say enough positive things about Giant Eagle Pharmacy!

We have to use Giant Eagle Pharmacy due to our insurance. But will be switching all prescriptions to a new location. We have had a prescription on file that was due to be filled multiple times. And when we come to get it, they are out of stock. In the latest incident, they had my Modafinil on file for a week. And could have filled it for five days. According to them, it was on hold for three due to the timing of the previous month’s filling. But when we came in, they never took it off hold or filled it and allowed their inventory to be depleted, knowing they had prescriptions on file to be filled. Now they are giving excuses that it will be an additional two days to get some in. My son has, in the meantime, been out of his medicine. This is unacceptable behavior. A pharmacy should be aware of its inventory and order accordingly.

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